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Your Co-Op
Grocery Store

The Future of Sweetwater County's First Co-Op Starts Here.

Welcome to Wild Sage Market – not just another grocery store, but your gateway to a unique, hometown shopping experience in Southwest Wyoming.

Dedicated to offering more than just conventional prepared foods, our market's goal is to have an exclusive selection you won't find anywhere else. Our mission is to provide our members and all Southwest Wyoming shoppers with a full-service experience tailored to our local community.

Born from a startup initiative fueled by community support and finalized with grants and/or bank loans, our primary goal is to sell memberships and raise capital to bring a full-service grocery store to life. We're committed to fostering local partnerships and championing regional producers to boost our local economy. By supporting us, you're ensuring that more of your money stays within the community, fostering a sense of shared ownership in our upcoming store.

At Wild Sage Market, we're not just a grocery store; we're a health-focused destination. Expect valuable information, educational resources, and products that align with a health-conscious lifestyle and overall sustainability.


Join us on this journey towards a healthier, more sustainable community.

Why Zero Waste

Why a Co-Op?

When you embrace ownership, you join a dynamic community committed to empowerment. Together, we proactively contribute to the well-being of our community. As an Owner, your commitment grants you a voice in policy decisions and ensures your satisfaction in being an integral part of our shared vision.

It Works

The key steps to our co-op grocery store are designated to four individual stages. We started with a volunteer base to grow the membership and we will soon start planning our capital drive.


Let's Make This Happen

When you join, your dollars are put where your values are: healthy foods, healthy communities, and thriving local farms and businesses. 

Join The Movement @WildSageMarket

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