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343 Members and Growing!

Benefits of Ownership

  • More options for shopping in your community

  • Invest in, and strengthen your local economy

  • Take pride and ownership where you spend your money

  • Vote and be part of the democratic process of owning your store

  • Receive patronage dividends when the Co-op earns a surplus

  • Attend free or discounted classes

  • Receive member-only sales

You own it!

Member Ownership Options

We offer two ways to purchase your member equity share that fit your needs: full membership and monthly membership. The full membership option is the fastest way to become a full member-owner, while the monthly option allows you to spread the cost over 12 months. 

(Please note that there are processing fees when using a credit card to purchase)

Want to mail your membership payment in with a check?

No problem!

Simply click on the button below to download and print the application form and instructions. Mail your application and check to us and you're done!


It's that easy!

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