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How It Works

Launching your grocery store involves five key stages, each tied to the growth of our member-owners. As our community expands, so does our success. This dynamic roadmap reflects our collective commitment and enthusiasm, shaping not just a grocery store but a vibrant community.

Stage 1
1-300 Members

At this stage, our volunteers will sell member equity shares to demonstrate community support and raise initial capital.

Stage 2a
300-600 Members

After reaching 300 member investors, we will recruit experts for business planning and select a site location.

Stage 2b
600-800 Members

During this stage, we will begin to raise capital and will have a goal of $2M in member loans or dividend shares. We will also apply for bank loans and grants.

Stage 3
800-1,000 Members

At this stage, we are ready to hire a general manager, build the store, and hire staff.

Stage 4
1,000+ Members

The best stage: Our Grand Opening!


In 2022, we triumphantly achieved the first stage of our journey with an impressive 300 members. Our success is attributed to a strategic outreach approach that encompassed farmer's markets, public information events, member drives, street fairs, and pop-up markets. This concerted effort not only met but exceeded our initial goal, laying the foundation for continuous growth. Since then, our community has flourished, demonstrating the power of grassroots engagement and the passion that propels us forward.


Currently navigating through this phase, our goal is to reach the milestone of 600 members. Upon reaching the 450-member mark, we'll initiate our capital investment planning. While the pandemic has presented challenges, we acknowledge the importance of ongoing efforts to educate, engage, and ensure accountability among our community members. Together, we are resilient in overcoming obstacles and building a stronger foundation for our shared objectives.


We remain dedicated to our marketing endeavors, aiming to educate not only the broader community but also to keep our existing members informed about our ongoing progress. Through transparent communication, we strive to foster a sense of shared achievement and enthusiasm among all stakeholders.


Get ready for the exciting phase ahead! As we hit this milestone, we're thrilled about the prospect of hiring individuals from our local community. This marks a significant opportunity to create job openings right here at home, contributing to the growth and prosperity of our community. The journey ahead promises not only progress for our collective goals but also positive impact at a local level.


As we eagerly approach the grand opening, the culmination of our collective efforts is on the horizon. This milestone signals not only the realization of our shared vision but also opens doors to new possibilities. With the grand opening, we embark on a journey to showcase the fruits of our labor, welcoming the community to experience the results of our dedication and collaboration. It's not just an event; it's a celebration of the spirit that binds us together, reflecting our commitment to making a lasting impact on the local landscape.

Our Pantry

Many products will be hand-picked from local farms and producers.

  • Herbs & Spices


  • Jams & Honey


  • Containers


  • Pasta & Noodles

  • Organic Fruit & Vegetables


  • Beauty Products

  • Rice

  • Nuts & Seeds


  • Natural Kitchen Accessories


  • Oils


  • Dried Fruit

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